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At DWSD Fitness we offer personalized services to all our customers in a comfortable studio setting or in your home or in studio through live streaming with Silver Sneakers Flex.

Join us and become a part of the community of DWSD Fitness at Dance with Steve and Donna Studio!

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T'ai Chi

Coming Soon!

Senior Stretch

"Stretch It Out"

11:30 Monday's

Ultra Beginner Line Dance

Silver Sneakers, Renew Active or Silver Fit


DWSD Fitness Studio at Dance with Steve and Donna

Contact Donna Caudill at 502-296-6729 to 

see if your insurance-eligible for these classes.

If you are, your insurance will pay for you to take the classes from us for free.  

Each provider has its own set of criteria.

Contact us to find out more about Silver Sneakers and Renew Active or Silver Fit.

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Strength and Balance

Class Descriptions

Dance General - Zumba is a “total workout” combining all elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and boosted energy. It is a program infused with hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves.  The routines feature Interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined with resistance training to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Experience an absolute blast of calorie burning, body energizing, awe-inspiring movements.
6:30 Tuesday

5:30 Thursday
Silver Sneakers and Renew Active Approved

REFIT - With powerful moves and positive music, you will discover an inspiring workout that changes your body, mind and soul. This cardio focused class is effective and fun. Perfect for beginners and challenging for fitness enthusiasts (which means it is a workout designed for everyBODY)

Dance-General Beginner Line Dancing 

Learn fun line dances or just come for fun exercise for the body and mind. You will learn mini social line dances to a variety of music. You will learn basic line dance steps that  you can take to the dance floor. Line dancing is great for enhancing memory, balance, coordination to keep you young, plus a nice cardio workout that feels like play 
Silver Sneakers and Renew Active Approved
Beginner 12:00 Monday

STRONG - Join the strong nation, use your own body weight to push herself through a high intensity interval training like work out. We call it high intensity tempo training.  In a 30- or 60-minute class you will do everything from traditional squats and lunges to Burpees, shuffles, kicks, punches, push-ups and all sorts of core sculpting moves as you work out to inspired beats.  Bring a towel , your mat and be prepared to sweat and push yourself to the limit.
5:30 Wednesday w/Sara

This Class of includes yoga postures with strength balance and flexibility found in traditional yoga practice that all fall under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga. The class will combine Asanas or  Flows using breathing techniques to increase internal heat as well as utilizing the principles of Yin to increase flexibility and calm the mind and restore the body as we settle into our postures on our mat. 
You will need to bring a yoga mat (and a blanket/beach towel for your bottoms)a strap or belt. And a yoga block if you have one. But if not we can improvise. 
6:30 Wednesday
Approved for Renew Active and Silver Sneakers

Kickboxing- Cardio kickboxing uses easy to follow kick and punch combinations for a total body cardio workout.